Strategic Retail Location

3—What We Offer

We offer a range of advanced GIS consulting services for retail site selection:

  • Our flagship software CLEO anchors the high end analytics: data analysis, spatial interaction or gravity modeling, location allocation and decision support. We evaluate data holdings and their quality, and develop specialized analytic methods, visualizations and models to suit your business. CLEO produces comprehensive reports; we interpret and reconcile them with your local experts. We analyze costs and benefits and deliver a complete financial picture.
  • Would you like to play at the frontiers of research, with the latest in customer expenditure data, and GPS tracking? We happen to be leaders in transportation technology and GPS (more ...). We can develop very advanced models using these technologies, and prepare you for tomorrow's retailing environment and the world of Location Based Services (LBS).
  • Is your firm using GIS effectively to achieve efficiencies throughout the enterprise? We analyze decision making, information requirements and flows from POS terminals to optimization models, data quality and system requirements, and we design enterprise level use cases looking several years into the future.

High-stakes decisions on network development and property investment demand accurate research and analysis. Our products and services are designed precisely for that.

DGRC researchers have been studying retail site selection problems since the early 1980s. Our work in spatial interaction and location-allocation modeling has won top honors from professional bodies. Combined with our expertise in transportation and travel modeling, error modeling and enterprise GIS strategic planning, we offer exceptional competence in this area.

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