Geography 80-20

80% of what there is to know, for 20% of the sweat

Humans have employed geographic analytic techniques and strategies for millennia. Now, as geographic widgets become embedded in our favorite technologies, we're elevating ourselves into a higher orbit of geo-awareness. Daily scheduling decisions — getting to work, taking the kids to soccer — make use of live traffic and weather inputs. Latitude and longitude are becoming part of our vocabulary. This wave has reached every country, and nearly every income and age group.

There wasn't a revolution in geographic education that led to this. Today's 80-20 Geographer has a day job in another profession, but is captivated by real-life possibilities offered by geographic technology, motivated by curiosity, and directed by commonsense. 80-20 Geographers are moms, dads and students, hikers and urban warriors, bikers, sailors and golfers.

To professional geographers, it's profoundly exciting that you share our passion and sense of utility of this discipline, and add so much vitality to it. In a toast to that, we present a collection of commentaries and nuggets on random geographic topics, digesting, de-mystifying and clarifying concepts and technologies, and perhaps stimulating your thinking on future possibilities.

Basic Map Skills for the Outdoors

Getting Started with GPS

GIS Techniques, Modeling and Optimization

Geographic Miscellany

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