The following are selected published articles, conference presentations and research digests by DGRC principals and associates.  In some instances the copyright is owned by publishers, in which case only the abstract is reproduced here.

Transport GIS

  1. In-Vehicle Navigation System. History of Cartography. Volume 6: Cartography in the 20th Century
  2. Map accuracy and location expresssion in transportation—reality and prospects. Transportation Research Part C, Special Issue on GIS-T
  3. Overview article on map database interoperability in ITS. Towards ITS map database interoperability-database error and rectification. Presented at International Workshop on GIS-T and ITS. GeoInformatica
  4. Testing a Location Referencing standard for ITS: the LRMS Cross Streets Profile. Annals of Regional Science, Special Issue on GIS Data Sharing and Standardization
  5. The Ontario Standard Labelled Road Network: Integration of Emergency Services and Other Needs into a Conceptual Data Model. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Other publications:

  2. NCRST

Retail and Behavior Modeling

  1. Spatial interaction with behavioural bias. Modelling Inter-Regional Interaction: Implications for Defining Functional Regions. Annals, Association of American Geographers
  2. Location optimization model with traffic and impulsive shopping behaviour. Location-allocation and impulsive shopping: the case of gasoline retailing" in Spatial Analysis and Location Allocation Models

GIS Data Structures

  1. Hierarchical organization of data for vector databases. A survey of hierarchical partitioning strategies for vector images. Proceedings, Third International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling

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